The Österreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding AG is a holding company and is the sole direct and indirect shareholder of the following subsidiaries.

Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH und OeSD International GmbH 

The Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH carries out the business operations of the OeSD Group;

The focus of the OeSD International GmbH lies on travel documents, such as ePassports, Machine Readable Passports and visa labels, which are sold to an international clientele. The company mainly covers larger projects, which additionally include systems integration and the installation of personalisation centres in the customer’s country. OeSD International operates in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania so far.

The management board of the Österreichischen Staatsdruckerei Holding AG:

CEO Ing. Robert Schächter
Mag. Helmut Lackner

Manager of the  Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH:

Mag. Helmut Lackner
Mag. Lukas Praml

Manager of the Österreichische Staatsdruckerei International GmbH:

Mag. Helmut Lackner
Mag. Claudia Schwendimann, MBA, MLE